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Group Lessons
Page Updated July 16, 2011, 2:37 am

iStock_000006545408XSmall_mod_300x200.jpg There are some amazing benefits in group lessons. Group lessons provides situations for students to reap wide-ranging benefits through peer learning.

What a great way to meet new people in a friendly atmosphere while learning together! Students form a bond by studying dancing together, and from that, sparks enthusiasm and success. There are usually eight or more people to an instructor.


Want a fun office team building gathering?
How about Salsa, Swing or Line Dancing?

Free Gift Certificates available for your next office staff meeting.

Design your own group class.
Have you’re your friends or co-workers get together for your own Group class. You design it. (Foxtrot – Swing – Waltz), (Shag – Beach Cha - Foxy), (Salsa – Merengue - Bachata) $40/person 4 week Sessions (One lesson per week / minimum 8 people in class)

Military and college students 10% discount on group classes

Check our Calendar for our next group lesson!

What should I wear?

  • Dress in layers, it's cold to start and hot while you're dancing.
  • We recommend casual dance wear / sweats.
  • Dance shoes if possible, or any leather or suede bottomed shoes. Ladies, "flats" or "low heels" are best for you. Any large heel, flip-flops or rubber soled shoes will make it difficult to dance.
  • Don't forget breath mints and deodorant, and please no strong perfume.

Friday night socials are Dress to Impress
(no sweats or tennis shoes please)

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